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This section is dedicated to all operators who work for roadside assistance, emergency forces, fire brigades etc..

The intention is to give free access to information of features of Ferrari cars to allow aid workers to operate in the best.

The aim of this manual is to help improve roadside recovery for Ferrari vehicles: please read it carefully before proceeding with roadside recovery.

Equipment and options in Ferrari vehicle models may vary because of specific legal and market requirements. The information contained in this publication is therefore not binding in any way.

Ferrari reserves the right to make any modification to the vehicle models described in this manual, at any time, for either technical or commercial reasons.

Contact the nearest Authorized Ferrari Dealer for any further information you may require.

In the interests of safety, all roadside recovery services must be performed by qualified personnel.


Technical Schedule english
458 Italia
F12 Berlinetta


Hybrid Vehicle Information


LaFerrari english french
Guides for emergency response

Technical Schedule


Download (PDF, 12.14MB)

Guide for emergency response english

Download (PDF, 5.84MB)

Guide for emergency response french

Download (PDF, 5.84MB)


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